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La “Avispa” Ortiz expects to knock Tada out in their rematch

By Hilmar Rojas Erazo 29/10/2014

Anabel Ortiz - Etsuko Tada

Anabel Ortiz – Etsuko Tada

The World Boxing Association champion the Mexican Anabel “Avispa” Ortiz 105 lbs expected to knock Tada out in her defense on November 8 at the Mexican World Trade Center in Naucalpan, in Mexico.

La “Avispa” Ortiz (17-3, 7 KO) will fight again the Japanese former world champion Etsuko Tada, whom she dethroned by split decision on July 26, 2013 in Japan.

“I am happy because I will defend my crown in my country, so my people can see me fight.” “I hope your support at the arena, the day of the fight”, Ortiz told reporters at the end of a public workout, held this week in Mexico.

Her opponent said she doubts Ortiz has changed her “Olympic” boxing style, and many straight, cross jabs and speed. “She is a fighter, I will box her. I will adapt to her style, she is tall. I will be attentive to whatever she might bring from the start. I’m sure she will come with everything from the start”, she told the media.

Ortiz also promised to knock out Tada, “and more because I’ll be in Mexico”.