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Interim Champion Linda Lecca: “boxing is my love, passion and effort”

By 03/07/2014

Linda Lecca, campeona mundial de boxeo

Linda Lecca, Interim WBA Female Champion. Photo Aaron Anaya / Terra

Since I was little, I had dreamed of being a world champion. Years passed, the girl became a woman and her unwavering desire to crystallize her dreams made them true. The road was not a bed of roses, but this Peruvian learned to fight obstacles.

Her name is Linda Lecca, and she is the World Boxing Association flamboyant super flyweight interim world champion. She agreed to talk to Terra Peru.

“My beginnings in boxing were at the age of 7. I saw myself in this sport and felt it mine. Due to the fact that my father and my grandfather were amateur boxers, I lived very close to the sport of fists. Then, when I was about 12 years old, I began to like it. I asked them to give me a punching bag and a pair of gloves. That was in Argentina,” said Lecca with nostalgia in her eyes recalling those first contacts with the sport that she is passionate about.

“I was born in Trujillo, and grew up in Cartavio, however at the age of 7 we moved to Buenos Aires due to my parents’ jobs. I lived here 18 years, and I did the amateur part of my boxing career and part of the professional. Then I went back and continue with my career with much effort and sacrifice, even now as world champion,” he added to Terra.

Before touching glory with her hands, Linda Lecca reached for the world championships in January but was elusive.

“I went to fight in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires. I fought the two-time world champion Daniela Bermudez. Many things happened in and out of the rings that were not very clear, and the referees were local. Unfortunately I did not win the title, I felt bad. It was hard to get over that defeat. My family helped me moved on to improve, and train harder.” She said.

“I trained from Monday to Sunday without rest. My workouts began at 5 in the morning. They lasted two hours and half in the morning and two in the afternoon. I trained hard because I wanted that belt and could not let that opportunity pass up”, adds world champion humbly.

His triumphant night arrived on May 31. “The day of the fight – with Simone Da Silva – I showed I was the champion, the Brazilian would not take the belt. I gave everything, there were small mistakes that I made, but you learn from that. I am very happy I could give this Crown to my country”, said the Trujillean girl.

Methodical life to succeed
“For this sport that is essential to rest. For me, the nights are to rest. I spend not a bad night. I am in bed at 9:30 p. m. or 10 pm. My normal day starts at 5:30 a.m. and at 6 am I am already running in the stadium, doing speeds with my colleagues. My work lasts two and a half hours. Good breakfast and then rest because I end up exhausted. I lose two kilos for training. Then at 1:00 pm, I go back to train until 3 pm, and go home again. It is important a good sleep and discipline”, he told Terra excited.

Other passions of champion
“Another of my passions is singing and playing the cajón peruano (Peruvian Drums). I owe that to my father who is a professional singer. I like to dance salsa, merengue. I also like the Afro-Peruvian Cajon”, says smiling to list their favorite.

Here is my message to young people: ” I tell them to follow their dreams, to accomplish their goals, which do not falter never. That they should always move forward and do what they like with passion, tenacity and discipline. Never let their dreams go down”.

We leave Linda Lecca in her natural habitat, the gym where she always trains and thinking about his next defense.

“My defense will probably be in August, there is not much time left. I must prepare” said the world champion.
She wants more from this sport and we believe that she will make it. “Boxing is love, passion, dedication and effort”. She is persistent, fighter, optimistic and full of talent that is our world champion, Linda Lecca.