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Andre Ward in Training Camp in Preparation for Fight with Edwin Rodriguez

Blog: El retorno de Andre Ward by Hilmar Rojas

15 November, 2013

-+*A pesar de estar casi un año fuera del ring, Andre Ward no sólo sigue siendo un gran campeón, ...

WBA Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin & WBA President, Gilberto Mendoza

Blog: Golovkin in numbers by Hilmar Rojas

10 November, 2013

-+*After the World Boxing Association Middleweight World Champion, Gennady Golovkin, made his fourth successful defense this year, I would ...

Golovkin - Stevens Press Conference

Blog: GGG… once again by Hilmar Rojas

01 November, 2013

-+*There is nothing new to say and expect this coming Saturday when the Middleweight World Boxing Association champion, Gennady ...

Hilmar Rojas Blog

Blog: The reason for the Convention

28 October, 2013

-+*The World Boxing Association has just had its 92 work week with almost 200 participants from 31 countries. During ...