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Weigh-in done and everything is ready for “The Challenge”

By 10/05/2014

Johan Pérez vs Fernando Monte de Oca

interim super lightweight champion, Johan Pérez from Venezuela and his opponent, the Dominican Fernando Monte De Oca. Photo JFB Júpiter

The World Boxing Association interim super lightweight champion, Johan Pérez from Venezuela and his opponent, the Dominican Fernando Monte De Oca, were the first to step on the scale that was located at the Marriot hotel in Catia La Mar.

The supervisor Alberto Sarmiento, said that the Dominican weighed 61 kg and the Venezuela at 62,400, the latter loudly said: “this is ready”, and ran to get an energy drink.

This was the beginning of the official weigh-in ceremony for “The Challenge” scheduled to start at 7 pm on Saturday, in the Vargas Sports Center in La Guaira.

Then came was the turn of Alexis Diaz (46,900) from Venezuela and Jorle Estrada (46.300) from Colombia, who will fight Fedelatin title.

The featherweight Mayerlin Rivas from Zulia, Venezuela, marked 55,400 kgs. and her opponent Liliana Martínez from RD marked 54.800 and will fight for the Rufo John Cup, as a posthumous homage to the promoter.

The super featherweight boxers Roger Gutiérrez and Luis Niño Carranza weighed 58,700 and 59,800, respectively. Both José Larreal and Jesús Vargas stopped the scale at 56 kg.

The super featherweight Jaider Parra weighed 59,600 and his opponent Rafael “El Potro” Hernández, 59,500.

Nohel Arambulet Jr. weighed 48,500 and Kenny Cano 48,300.

To close the day were summoned the stars of the battle for the WBA interim Super Featherweight title. The Colombian Silgado Calista, who weight 58 kg, while Ogelidis “La Niña” Suarez weighed 59.400, 300 grams over the limit of the division.

According to the regulations she had to 2 hours to make the required weight. A few minutes later the champion was still over weighed (59,400).

Finally, on the third try, Ogleidis Suárez weighed 58,800 and will face the Colombian Silgado for the interim belt.


Johan Pérez 63.4 Kg
Fernando Monte D Oca 61 Kg

Ogleidis Suárez 58,8 Kg
Calista Silgado 58 Kg

Mayerlin Rivas 55,4 Kg
Liliana Martínez 54,4 Kg

Alexis Díaz 46.9 Kg
Jorle Estrada 46.6 Kg

Jaider Parra 59.6 Kg
Rafael Hernández 59.5 Kg

Noel Arambulet Jr 48.5 Kg
Kenny Cano 48.3 Kg

José Larreal 56 Kg
Jesús Vargas 56 Kg

Roger Gutiérrez 58.7 Kg
Luis Niño Carranza 59.8 Kg