World Boxing Association

WBA and WBC gathered in Panama

By Hilmar Rojas Erazo 21/01/2015

Gilberto Jesús Mendoza - Mauricio Sulaimán

Gilberto Jesus Mendoza and Mauricio Sulaiman, gathered at the WBA Headquarters in Panama

WBA vice president, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza and World Boxing Council President, Mauricio Sulaiman, gathered on Wednesday at the WBA Headquarters in Panama.

In a friendly atmosphere, both authorities talked about plans altogether, and upcoming decisions to be announced, to improve the sport in addition to find benefit for boxers and public in general.

Sulaiman took the opportunity to present a WBC green and gold championship belt to Mendoza as sign of brotherhood between the two entities.

Soon there will be a third meeting between both boxing bodies and the IBF in pursue of new agreements to govern professional boxing.