World Boxing Association

Sturm-Lorenzo heats up

By Julio Thyme 30/08/2010

WBA Super Champion Felix Sturm and Giovanni Lorenzo were face to face for the first time at today’s press conference for their middleweight title fight this Saturday September 4 in Cologne, Germany.

“There’s no doubt about me winning the fight and becoming champion of the world”, said Lorenzo who showed up in a jersey of the local soccer team, Borussia Mönchengladbach. Gladbach had won a clash with their local rivals, Bayer Leverkusen with 6-3 on Sunday afternoon. “Gladbach has inspired me. They were the underdogs, they played in front of Leverkusen’s home crowd and they scored a very convincing and impressing win. That’s exactly what I will do next Saturday. Gladbach scored 6 goals; I will score 6 knockdowns. When I heard that Sturm is from Leverkusen like yesterday’s losers, things were very clear to me: I will be the new champion.”

Felix Sturm wasn’t too impressed with Lorenzo running his mouth. “Talk is cheap. I heard he said that he will stop me within five or six rounds. We will see who will be on the receiving end on Saturday. All I can say is that I am very well prepared and all fired up for this fight. It’s a new situation for me because this is the first show I am doing all by myself. Of course, I have a fantastic team. Everybody on Team Sturm has been doing a great job organizing this huge event. I promise all fans that this Saturday will set new standards for boxing and entertainment in Germany.”