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Rosendo regains his belts

By 17/03/2014

Rosendo regains  his beltsA few years ago Rosendo Alvarez lost the belts that accredited him as world mínimum, light flyweight champion and Latin champion of the World Boxing Association. Two years ago, when he returned to Nicaragua to face Jean Sampson, Rosendo did not have any of those belts.

But that situation was corrected on Saturday night when Rosendo received three of his titles thanks to the efforts he made before the WBA in Panama, organization chaired by the Venezuelan Gilberto Mendoza.

He enjoyed
“This was a wonderful night for me. The WBA, thanks to Mr. Gilberto Mendoza and his son Gilberto Jesús, decided I deserved the three championship belts I had. Aurelio Fiengo also sent me the Fedelatin belt I won from Venezuelan José Bonilla”, said Rosendo.

“Having those champñionship belts gives me peace and it a relief. I did not have my championship belts for a very long time and people could not take pictures with me and my belts. But now I have them again, thanks to the WBA.

He is very happy
Rosendo said he felt the absence of his world champion belts, although he feels happy for having a little having baby named after him and a new relationship with Ruth Rodríguez.

“I think I am happier now than when I had money. Many people love me for what I am and not for what I had. I would not change this life for anything in the world, I do what I like, although I cannot box, I teach what I learned; I am a manager, promoter and matchmaker. Said the former champion.

Rosendo Alvarez made his debut in professional boxing in December 1992, and defeated Pablo Torres. His last fight after six years of retirement, was in may 2012 when he losto by disqualification with Jean Sampson.

His career is one of the best in the history of Nicaraguan boxing. The two-time-champion built a record of 37-4-2, 24 KO’s. His legendary fights were with Ricardo “Finito” López, whose first fight ended in draw, and lost the second in a great presentation in 19988.