World Boxing Association

Mathews – Luis in the weight and waiting for the bell

By Hilmar Rojas Erazo 17/04/2015

Both contenders for the World Boxing Association 135 lbs vacant interim title, British Derry Mathews and Canadian Tony Luis, passed the weighing ceremony without problems in Liverpool, England.

Mathews, N° 4 rated contender, and and Luis, N° 9, weighed 134 lbs both.

They are only waiting for the opening bell of the fight taking place on Saturday at the Echo Arena, in the British city.

After the weighing, Mathews (37-9-2, 20 KO) said he has been ready for this world title opportunity for a long time and will not waste it against Luis (19-2, 7 KO).

El referee will be Howard Foester (UK), and the WBA judges, Jean Legland (FRA), Dave Parris (UK), Stefano Carozza (ITA), and the supervisor will be the Panamanian Aurelio Fiengo.