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Finished the second session of the Directorate meeting

By Hilmar Rojas Erazo 28/06/2014

Finished the second session of the Directorate meeting

Finished the second session of the Directorate meeting

The morning working session of the World Boxing Association Directorate began with the reading of the agenda, and then Gilberto Jesus Mendoza received recognitions from the members of the Directory at the Sheraton Hotel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Directors awarded a plaque in recognition for his degree recently obtained a Law School Santa María La Antigua University in Panama.

Immediately, was the revision of the original unified and interim Championships regulations presented by the President of the WBA, Gilberto Mendoza.

“The first time we talked about super championships was in 1999, and the regulation was proposed in 2000. In the old rules we had world titles regulations separate from inter organization fight, dating back to 2003.” explained Gilberto Jesus Mendoza.

Mendoza said that since 1999 the WBA already talked about the interest of fans to see a single champion. These were his words before reviewing the conclusions of the meeting held in Cancun with the other organizations.

“The agreement is dated 1998, specifically March 14, and the WBA attended the meeting. Among the agreements was the having a technical Committee to analyze the possibility of unify rules”.

The second point says “a technical Committee was appointed”, and the names were selected from the WBA and WBC. “Adopted the three knock down rule and the headbutt rule. The Committee would study the score of incomplete round and 10 points, plus the single card”.