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“Coton” Reveco and Manuel Vides made weight

By 20/03/2014

"Cotón" Reveco y Manuel Vides dieron el peso

“Cotón” Reveco y Manuel Vides dieron el peso. Photo Twitter

Today, Juan Carlos “Coton” Reveco from Mendoza, and Manuel Vides from Panamana passed weighing test and set everything ready for the World title fight to be held tomorrow in Villa La Ñata Sporting Club de Benavidez.

The stylist defends for the sixth time his WBA flyweight belt since he won it in June 10, 2011, when he beat Jean Piero Perez from Venezuela in Las, Heras. Today Reveco marked a weight of 50,700 kilos, while Vines marked 50,800, the limit of the division.

“Coton” stated at the end of the ceremony he had a hard time making the weight, and said that will get to the fight in top physical and technical conditions”. “This happened because one is getting big, I trained as if it was me who was challenging or the title. I worked well wrapped to dehydrate but when I arrived from Mendoza I was a kilo over the limit” added the 30-year-old boxer.

When both fighters posed for the photographers, it was clear a major height difference, but Reveco said in dialogue with Power Soccer is “I am used to face taller boxers.” “On one hand it is convenient, because I can work well on the body of the opponent. I’m going to fight in the short and medium distance, make him fail and get inside his guard, “he said.